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“A great blend of worldly informed funk and her most creatively improvisational piece of work yet.”

Elliott Simon, The New York City Jazz Record

“After this album, the name of Reut Regev should resonate with all music lovers. More than ever, This is R*time !”

Franpi Barriaux, Citizen Jazz (in French)

“an eclectically fun new album, Exploring the Vibe, out with her stoner funk band, R*Time, which blends elements of jazz, no wave, Ethiopian and Balkan music, among other styles. “

delarue, New York Music Daily

“Regev’s biggest achievement resides in her ability to present a mix of accessible grooves and challenging improvisation. We need more modern and uplifting statements such as Exploring the Vibe”

Alain Drouot, Blog Island

“Reut’s wonderful new CD is all about now”

Ben Shalev, Haaretz, Israel (in english)

“Reut is extremely flexible on the Trombone; She can make it sing, play it very gently, but also demonstrate it’s roghness.”

Philippe Meziat, Jazz Magazine/Jazzman

“It sort of reminds of Defunkt but the rhythmes go much further, especially because of the very personal phrasing by Regev.”

Didier Wijnants, De Morgen, Belgium

“R*Time’s futuristic tribalism resists simple categorization, encompassing aspects from a wide variety of genres.”

Troy Collins, All About Jazz

“One of the most spirited and infectious discs of the year!”

Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

Strassbourg Jazz D’or Festival review 

“… stunning debut… Regev combines the expressivity of the avant garde and the technical precision of bop with the farsightedness of a musician in step with her own time….” 

Troy Collins, All About Jazz

“…its a knockout!… The simple fact is that Reut can play pretty much anything she wants. And clearly what she wants to play are these intricate and complex originals. A very impressive date.” 
Stuart Kremsky, The International Association of Jazz Record Collectors

“… a provocative brew that straddles the heavy metal bebop devide…Wildly imaginative and virtuosic…”
Bill Mikowski, Jazz Times

“…Must be heard to be believed…” 
Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery – click to read more

“…jazz and funk and freedom merged nicely in the band known as Reut Regev R*Time, led by the dazzling trombonist-bandleader Regev…” 
Berlin Jazz Festival review.
Joseph Woodward, Jazz Times
 (full article here)

“… You’ll not believe in your ears! Contemporary-progressive jazz of the highest caliber.” 
ARNALDO DESOUTEIRO, Jazz Station, Brazil

“…expands the definition of mainstream…”
Ken Waxman, Jazz Word

“…Trombonist Reut Regev plays with a powerfully growling soul sound traveling from Thelonious Monk through Free Funk to the non-formal structures of a timeless avant garde…”
Ulrich Olshausen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Nov 13th, 2009.

“…The joyfull, undogmatic Freefunk thunderstorm of Israeli born and New York based trombonist Reut Regev was one of the pleasant surprises of the Jazzfest Berlin 2009…”
Rainer Balcerowiak, Junge Welt Berlin, Nov 10th, 2009.

“…With tremendous energy Reut Regev fired broadsides of Funk, Bluesrock and Electric Jazz at the audience in Berlin… The discovery of the Festival”

Wolf Kampmann, Frankfurter Rundschau, Nov 9th, 2009.

“UNCOMROMISING ON THE TROMBONE – From grungy rock to free jazz, Reut Regev takes her art for, seriously”
Feature article in the Jerusalem post, by Barry Davis

“The duo of the Israeli, New York-based couple of trombonist Reut Regev and drummer Igal Foni, offered a different kind of energy… their shared sense of eccentric humor and playfulness. ” 
White Night Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel, Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz

” … the funk-driven trombonist Reut Regev — could signal the beginnings of the jazz equivalent of alternative rock’s Riot Grrrl phenomenon of the early 1990’s.
David Yaffe, The New York Times

“… the remarkable trombonist Reut Regev”

(w Butch Morris), Ben Ratliff, The New York Times

“…trombonist Reut Regev — riveting, mixing textural experiments with big, confident sound… “
(w Anthony Braxton’s 12+1tet), Ben Ratliff, The New York Times

“Trombonist Regev, an Anthony Braxton acolyte, raises a funky ruckus with drummer Igal Foni and guests. “
“fast rising Trombonist Reut Regev”

Time Out New York

“…Trombonist Reut Regev’s solo in the first set was played more soulfully, and memorably, than anything I’ve heard in some time. Regev drew more and more quickly, until it sounded like she was beat-boxing from behind the horn. “

David Varno, The Brooklyn Rail

“The question of what we can learn from visionaries like Alfred Lion and Francis Wolf for 
coming ages has been left a little in the way, and there have been some promising moves in this direction, such as the Israeli trombonist Reut Regev, the discovery of the Jazzfest par excellence. With a red dress and flowing black hair, she looked like a mixture of red and white and Snow White, but barely bumping into her horny, horny queen and wolf in the delicate appearance shook hands with unbelievable pressure she fired her broadsides of funk, blues rock and Electric Jazz, and as if she herself was not enough already Power, she reinforced her band with the free funk guitarist Jean-Paul Bourelly. It was urban jazz from the here and now that blithely winked at the past with a succinct version of Monk’s “Bemsha Swing”, ready to shoulder the future with determination . “

Frankfurter Randschau, Wolf Kampman

Reviews of the Festival show from B92 Magazine 
and from
Interview with Vojislav Pantic

“Charismatic Jazz on the Trombone”

From Pfaffenhofen (in German)

Interview by Stephen Cooke
Review by Stephen Pedersen – “Reut’s tone is a sheen of gold”

from Halifax, Canada

Best New Discovery of 2009″-

Troy Collins’ Best of 2009, AllAboutJazz

No.1 “Best New Talent of 2009″
No.2 “Best Trombone record of 2009″-

The 31st Annual Jazz Station Poll, Brazil

Best Debut of 2009″

David R. Adler: Top 25 of 2009, plus

Reut is featured on a Poster of WDR 3 german radio station  © Detlev Schilke / 

Factor Magazine

Goettinger Tageblatt – Israeli trombonist opens jazz festival

Goettinger Tageblatt – Great boundlessness of the avant-garde

This is R * time CD review

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