Duo with Drummer Igal Foni
Covers, Originals, improvisations and and whatever else is in the pot. About 13 years of playing together as a duo, while being a couple... well, that's what you get!


Reut Regev Trio, AKA Cake Agenda

Cake Agenda is dedicated mostly to playing Jazz Standards.
Cakes are indeed very important, as we all know.

We play in Jazz/restaurant type venues, and we do enjoy it!


Collaborations+Side girl projects

with Anthony Braxton:
Sonic Genome project
Brass Quintet

with Judith Insell
Twisted Standard Trio

with Taylor Ho Bynum & Abraham Delgado Gomez
Positive Catastrophe
Positive Catastrophe Trio

with Eve Sicular
Metropolitan Klezmer
and sometimes, Isle of Klezboz

Grupo Irek
Nu Guajiro
Joe Bataan
Hazmat Modine
Mayra Casales
Oriente Lopez
Adam Lane

less frequest or past relationships...

Elliott Sharp's Terraplane (tour in Fall 09)
Frank London Klezmer Brass Allstars
Butch Morris (see recordings)
Groove Collective (see recordings)
Chocolate Genius Mark Anthony (see archives)

&Lots of other cool projects!






All rights reserved . All background photos by Carsten Fleck