Featuring Reut Regev on trombone, flugelhorn & compositions, David Phelps on guitars, Brad Jones on basses and Igal Foni on drums & compositions plus Eddie Bobe on congas. The first time I heard/saw Israeli trombonist Ms. Reut Regev play with Ras Moshe, I was amazed that I hadn't heard of her yet and that she was an incredible trombonist! Since then I've heard Ms. Regev play with Butch Morris, Anthony Braxton klezmer & Latin others and she just keeps getting better. R*Time is Reut's own quartet and this is her/their debut disc. All I can say is like wow! Right from the first tune, we know we are in for something special, something spirited! "Swill" opens with a smokin' , hard jazz-rockin' groove. The trombone and guitar are burning together over the tight, slamming rhythm team. Brad Jones takes a great electric bass solo, not the instrument we usually hear him on (contrabass). Lead guitarist, David Phelps, is yet another of those great but under-recognized guitar players the NYC is filled with so it is great to hear him playing his tight, intricate and creative lines together with Reut's always sassy and inspired trombone. "Nutcase Scenario" reinds me of Jimi Hendrix's "Third Stone from the Sun" and Phelps sounds wonderful taking an incredible post-Hendrix like guitar solo. When Reut takes over later in the tune, she outdoes herself with an astonishing trombone solo that must be heard to be believed. Even Igal's drum solo near the end is superb. Latin percussion hero Eddie Bobe plays on "Balibalaila" which is a swell, laid back sort of ballad with some exquisite trombone and guitar. One of the highlights here is "Some of the Best Fish are Alive" which has a tight yet twisted structure with fractured guitar and furious trombone over the tight, pumping rhythm section. "Faradise" is a unique piece that blends Latin influences with intricate start & stop rhythmics. Drum wiz, Igal Foni, is constantly turning the beat on its head as it shifts through different sections. One of the things that makes this disc so special is that it is so well produced, the sound and balance are perfect, everyone involved contributes to their sound. There are nine original songs on this disc and each one is outstanding and diverse. Is this the CD of the month? It certainly seems so. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

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