A 6 piece Brass Band, 5 Brassists and one drummer, playing a multi part composition that includes written material cued visually or audibally by any band member, but sometimes by the unsuspicious audience or by the forces of nature, or of music istelf. The composition was originally comissioned by the Festival of New Trumpet Music FONT, and will be hopefully recorded soon.

Brassix personnel:

Reut Regev- Trombone, Flugabone, Baritone Horn, Slide Trumpet, composition
Taylor Ho Bynum - Cornet, Trumpbone, Piccolo and Bass Trumpets
Frank London - Trumpet, Alto Horn, Piccolo Trumpet
Mark Taylor - French Horn, Mellophone, Trumpet
Jay Rozen - Tuba, Euphonium
Igal Foni - Drums, Brass parts








All rights reserved . All background photos by Carsten Fleck